***BREAKING NEWS: Thinking of buying a light weight minibus? Call us now on 01903 881600 for important information issued by CTA (Community Transport Association)***

School Minibus Company is a specialist supplier of minibuses to the education sector throughout the UK and is a member of the Bridle Group. Whether you are looking for a 9, 14 or 17 seat minibus, with or without extras like disabled access, we are here to help.

Every year we buy millions of pounds worth of minibuses from Ford, Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan. This means our pricing is very competitive, which combined with our specialist advice and good old fashioned customer service makes us one of the UK’s best suppliers of minibuses to the education sector.

We are accredited franchisees for five of the UK’s largest finance companies and as such have to comply with their strict rules and regulations as well as the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) code of conduct.

We’d love to get to know you and help with your new minibus. Contact us today.

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School Minibus Company