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Allied Fleet FlexiLite

Allied Fleet FlexiLite

We have teamed up with Allied Fleet to introduce the New FlexiLite – the Minibus That Can be Driven on a Standard Car Licence.

Allied Fleet has recently grown its expanding product range even further with the addition of its innovative new lightweight minibus, FlexiLite™. Not only can FlexiLite be driven on a normal car licence, it also includes space for up to 16 passengers and four wheelchairs making it ideal for the education, healthcare, social and community transport sectors.

Following a year of development, the versatile minibus comes with a host of layout options to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for optimum passenger carrying capacity or the perfect balance between wheelchair user space and seats, FlexiLite™ offers the ideal solution.

“With FlexiLite there’s no longer any need for costly, time-consuming driver training as the vehicle can be driven by anyone with a normal driving licence.”

No Need for Additional Driver Training

By using innovative lightweight materials, FlexiLite™ has been built and developed to fall within the weight parameters of the standard car licence. This means there’s no need to incur the added expense of putting drivers through the additional D1 category licence training that’s often required for a vehicle of this size. Besides saving you money, FlexiLite™ also gives you greater flexibility as it can be driven by any member of staff with a valid UK licence.

World of Possibility

There are six different FlexiLite™ minibuses to choose from. Wheelchair accessible FlexiLite™ models feature a combination of fixed, detachable and tip & turn seats, giving you the optimum in flexible transport. If you require something a bit more bespoke to your needs, our expert minibus design team will happily advise on other configurations that might suit you better. In short, with FlexiLite™, there’s a world of possibilities.

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Model Choice

FlexiLite™ is available based on the popular Citroen Relay. It offers an impressive standard specification for maximum driver and passenger comfort. If you do need to cater for wheelchair users, you can choose between a folding rear access ramp or an electrically-operated passenger lift. Both are easy to use and can be stowed away neatly within the vehicle, depending on the model you choose.


You’ll have complete peace of mind too as, while some converters may be tempted to cut corners, FlexiLite™ features floors, seats, seat belts and wheelchair restraints which have been tested to meet stringent international safety standards – UNECE Regulation 14. Each vehicle also comes with the added reassurance of an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certificate, independently verified by a Driver and Vehicle Safety Standards Agency (DVSA) appointed test centre.

Commenting on the new addition to the range, general manager Donald Pow, said: “Our in-house engineering and development teams worked hard to produce a lightweight minibus that would be able to cater to the many varying needs within the fleet sector.

“With FlexiLite there’s no longer any need for costly, time-consuming driver training as the vehicle can be driven by anyone with a normal driving licence. This is a massive selling point for end-users and one which was very much front of mind during the development process.

“We’ve been working on the development of this minibus for over a year to ensure Allied Fleet can offer a robust, versatile transport solution.  With six different models and various access options, we’re sure that FlexiLite will prove popular in this market.”

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