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Taking responsibility for someone else’s child is a challenge, but taking responsibility for up to 16 children in a minibus is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The laws around operating a minibus are complex, confusing and not always logical. With this School Minibus Company work closely with the Community Transport Association (CTA) to provide specialist advice and guidance on all aspects of legislation and legally operating your minibus.

In our Download Zone you can quick and easily download a CTA membership form and some CTA answers to the following frequently asked questions:

Q. What is an operator’s licence and do we need one?

Q. What does a Section 19 Standard Permit (10B in Northern Ireland) look like and how long does it last?

Q. Who can drive our minibus?

Q. Is there any additional training our drivers should receive?

Q. Given that our minibus can carry 16 passengers, is it acceptable for the driver to have sole responsibility for the passengers?

Q. Do seatbelts have to be worn in a minibus?

Q. Can we take our minibus outside of the UK?

Q. Can we tow a trailer with our minibus?

Q. Do we need a tachograph and what driver’s hours regulations do we have to comply with?

Q. Should our school minibus have a speed limiter?

Q. How often should we be inspecting the safety of our minibus?

Q. When is it a requirement to display a school bus sign?

Q. Where can we find further information or get answers to other questions about operating our minibus?


All School Minibus Company customers have free first year membership to the CTA, but non members can access information and advice at the CTA website, which is www.ctauk.org.