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Minibus Leasing vs Pre-Owned

Purchasing a brand new minibus outright can be an expensive option with high upfront capital costs, many schools, colleges, academies and universities are looking at cheaper alternative means including purchasing a pre-owned minibus or minibus leasing.

Both Pre-Owned and Minibus leasing have their pros and cons as detailed below:




  • You own the vehicle as an asset.
  • Cheaper alternative to purchasing a brand new minibus.
  • You can sell it at any time.
  • Lower Depreciation on the vehicle over a Brand New Minibus which depreciates as you drive it off the forecourt.


  • The vehicle history is unknown – may not know about any previous repairs carried out on the minibus.
  • You get what you pay for – the money you save may go towards repairs.
  • Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of vehicle – this includes servicing and MOT.
  • Lack of warranty – Unless you choose a certified pre-owned car from a dealer, you won’t receive a warranty to cover damage to the minibus.
  • End of life – Hassle with either selling it or moving it on.

Minibus Leasing


  • No large capital outlay.
  • Fixed cost budgeting with equal monthly payments.
  • Fixed cost servicing covers all you servicing and repair costs in one fixed monthly payment.
  • No need to try and sell it, just hand it back at the end of the lease with nothing else to pay.
  • Annual road fund licence is included every year.
  • Break down cover is included if you take the optional maintenance package.
  • Safety inspections can be included if you need them.
  • Fleet discounts through School Minibus Company buying power.
  • Ongoing support of the School Minibus Company.


  • Hire period is fixed, but you can terminate early if you need, but there is a charge linked to the costs incurred by the leasing company.
  • Vehicle must be returned in a reasonable condition (as per the BVRLA British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association fair wear and tear guide lines).
  • Maximum lease length is five years.


If after reading this you are still not sure which is the best option for you then please call us on: 01273 005 199.

With our independent and impartial advice, our school minibus leasing experts we will help you find a minibus to match your needs and your budget.