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This section shows how you can personalise your new minibus to give you everything you are looking for from disabled conversions to safety stickers to overhead luggage racks.

Please see below photographs of minibus conversions. To find out how much it would cost to personalise your school or college minibus then please call us on: 01903 881600, email enquiries@schoolminibuscompany.co.uk. We will be happy to talk you through the various conversion options and prices with you.

Disabled conversions

We’ve teamed up with specialist vehicle converter CoTrim to offer a range of disabled conversions, personalised to meet your exact requirements. CoTrim, established in 1993, are an ISO 9001 accredited company. All their conversions come with the CoTrim 3 year warranty and are designed with safety, durability and quality to stand up to the rigorous demands of schools. Below are a selection of conversions that CoTrim have done over the years (some may not be available or might have been updated / enhanced).

Sign writing

We strongly believe that your new minibus is a great way to advertise and promote your school. With this, we have a selection of proven and trusted sign writers who will work with you to make your minibus and school stand out to create the right image in your local community. Our customers’ sign written minibuses vary from simple sign writing to complete vehicle wraps.

Luggage racks

Having enough space to store sports kit and other luggage is always a problem. With this School Minibus Company is able to offer a unique solution, with the option of overhead luggage racks. These are a tailor made solution and not available from Ford or other manufacturers. They are built to withstand the rigours of everyday school life and will securely hold luggage, ensuring emergency exits / access isn’t blocked.

Removable child warning signs

Whether legally required ‘children’ warning stickers or other health and safety led requirements we can advise on what is required and ensure your vehicle comes with these fitted.

Digital Tachographs

If you are planning to use your minibus overseas, then you must have a digital tachograph fitted. Some schools choose to have these fitted to maximise their health and safety compliance.

Extra durable seat covers

Whether you are transporting a muddy rugby team or a group of students on a visit to a museum, fitted seat cover are a low cost way to make sure your new minibus stays in the best condition possible. They can be easily removed and cleaned and will protect the seats throughout the term of your lease.

Reversing sensors & bleepers

For most drivers, a Minibus will be the biggest vehicle they will ever drive and when transporting up to 16 children, reversing sensors and beepers to warn pedestrians that you are reversing is essential. We can have both these fitted, and in the case of bleepers a manual overriding cut off switch to comply with the law, which states audible warning systems can’t be used after 11pm.

Other extras / accessories

We can have your new minibus built to your exact requirement. So whether you’d like air conditioning, Bluetooth, metallic paint, or mud & snow tyres fitted, or any other options, we can supply exactly what you want.