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Minibus leasing through the School Minibus Company

The School Minibus Company is one of the UK’s best minibus leasing specialists, supplying schools, colleges, academies and universities with advice and cost effective leasing solutions.

If you are looking to replace your old minibus with a newer more efficient and effective model that is equipped with the latest safety features but are worried about the large up-front payment, then leasing may be the solution.

The School Minibus Company is highly experienced within this field and calling on the knowledge, skill and guidance of our minibus leasing experts Lorraine and Mel we have highlighted five key advantages of minibus leasing for your school, college or university:

1.      No large capital outlay

With any full outright purchase of a minibus comes the large upfront payment, and the School Minibus Company understands the importance and value a minibus can offer schools. From school trips to sports matches, school runs to outward bound transport a minibus is an essential and necessary item for any school. The latest minibuses can be expensive to buy from a budget, but through a minibus leasing agreement you could enjoy all the benefits of having your own school minibus (with branding optional) without the initial outright expense.

2.      Fixed Costs

The School Minibus Company knows running a school is hard enough, without the additional worry of costs and financing, so we have come up with a payment plan that makes minibus leasing for schools easy and hassle free! We offer:

  • Fixed cost budgeting with equal monthly payments.
  • A monthly payment that covers all your servicing and repair costs.

3.      Safety as standard

The safety of your students and passengers is paramount and you can be rest assured that as standard all new minibuses leased by the School Minibus Company are fitted with fire extinguishers and seatbelts with the option of having tachographs fitted (required for driving abroad). Every minibus complies with the latest health and safety legislation. The School Minibus company offers additional safety inspections if you need them.

4.      Keeping you on the road

The School Minibus Company’s minibus leasing plans include your annual road fund licence (vehicle tax or vehicle excise duty) which will be posted to you every year. One less thing to worry about, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter!

In addition the School Minibus Company also offers break down cover within their optional maintenance packages. With all this and more, the School Minibus Company is truly your one stop shop for all your minibus leasing needs.

5.      Taking care of your needs

The School Minibus company realises that no school, college, academy or university is the same. Each school has varying needs and requirements whether you are looking for 17,14 or 9 seater minibuses, require disabled access or room to carry sports kit. We are confident that within our range of Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, Nissan and Peugeot minibuses, we are able to supply a minibus to meet your needs!

The School Minibus Company offers ongoing support through their minibus leasing packages, with an option of fleet discounts if required.

If after reading this you are still not sure which is the best option for you – to lease or to buy, then please call us on:  01273 005 199, email us on Alternatively fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  We will be happy to talk you through the different options and prices.