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Do you require a Section 19 Permit for minibus leasing?

In the UK, businesses and organisations that transport people for profit, e.g. taxis, buses need to have a Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence (PSV). These drivers undergo advanced training to be able to include passengers carrying vehicle entitlement (PCV) on their driving licence.

Organisations that operate vehicles without a view to profiting from transporting their members, or people whom the organisation exists to help, do not require a PSV licence instead they can apply for Section 19 permits from The Department of Transport.

Section 19 permits are either ‘standard permits’ for vehicles which are adapted to carry no more than 16 passengers or ‘large bus permits’ for vehicles which are adapted to carry 17 or more passengers.

The Section 19 permit will allow you to transport school children and teachers.

All Section 19 permit holders are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of their vehicles, within the legal requirements and under a valid permit, this includes:

  • your drivers are suitably trained and correctly licensed
  • your drivers take appropriate breaks
  • your vehicles satisfy the appropriate construction and use requirements and are maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition

When operating under a Section 19 permit:

  • You may charge your passengers or accept donations
  • You may pay your drivers or use volunteers
  • You must maintain your minibus in a safe and roadworthy condition – and keep records of checks and servicing.


If you are interested in minibus leasing for schools, colleges or community centres, you will need to submit a Section 19 application if your licence doesn’t carry a PSV.

To obtain a Section 19 permit application form visit the download zone on the School Minibus Company’s website

For more information about Section 19 and how it may affect your school minibus leasing please call our minibus leasing experts Lorraine and Mel on 01273 005 199 or email

Not only do they have extensive knowledge of school minibus leasing but they will be able to offer their expert advice on which of our range of minibuses, will best suit your needs.