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Should you lease or buy?

Schools and colleges across the country considering replacing their minibus, or having one for the first time, often have a multitude of questions.

The importance of a minibus to a student’s education is indisputable. It makes school trips simpler, sports matches less hassle and a more practical means to learn away from the school environment. Equally as important, the minibus can also transport the students to and from school safely.

However many schools and colleges tell us that they can’t afford a minibus. But there’s good news; it is affordable regardless the size of your school or college because you could consider the option of leasing as opposed to buying outright.

Most schools and colleges choose to lease their minibus. This is great if your existing vehicle is lacking efficiency or up-to-date safety features but you don’t have the money to buy a minibus up-front.

Still have questions? Simply request your copy of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Leasing or Buying a School Minibus’ – a comprehensive, easy-to-read and useful guide to help you work out what’s best for your school or college when it comes selecting a new minibus.

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