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Complying with Government legislation – tachographs come as standard

In April 2007 government legislation required businesses, schools, charities and other organisations operating minibuses, with 10-17 seats on a commercial basis, to fit tachograph equipment to their minibuses to monitor the drivers behind the wheel.

Mainland Europe and the UK have utilised tachographs on coaches and lorries for many years, with the main purpose to monitor the amount of time individual drivers spent behind the wheel, the distance they travelled and the speed of the vehicle whilst in use. They are used to make sure drivers and employers follow the rules on drivers’ hours.

The legislation required minibuses with 10-17 seats registered after 1st May 2006 to legally have tachographs fitted. Vehicles registered prior to this date had until 31st December 2007 to legally comply and have a tachograph retrospectively fitted.

The digital tachograph unit is operated by using a driver’s card which is inserted into the driver card slot located in the front of each unit. Each card is unique to the driver and should be used and kept with the driver at all times when undertaking any driving activity.

Driver’s cards are available from the DVLA at a cost of £38 each and will last for a period of 5 years. (Prices correct at time of printing).

The School Minibus Company complies with all current government legislation and each minibus comes equipped with a fitted tachograph.

For more information on Tachographs for your school mini bus, visit our download zone and download Tachomaster – Driver’s Guide to the Digital Tachograph. Alternatively please call our minibus leasing experts Lorraine and Mel on 01273 005 199 or email

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