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For any member of staff who has passed their car driving test before 1st January 1997 have a “D1(101) – minibus, not for hire or reward” – entitlement on their driving licence. This means school staff with such a licence can drive a minibus carrying up to 16 passengers with no maximum weight restriction on the vehicle.

For any member of your staff who passed their category B car driving test on or after 1st January 1997 will not have the required category D1 on their licence, however they may still be able to drive a minibus under the following conditions:

  • The minibus is used by a non-commercial body for social purposes.
  • They receive no payment other than the recovery of your out of pocket expenses (e.g. fuel and parking costs).
  • They provide the service on a voluntary basis.
  • The gross vehicle weight of the minibus is not more than 3.5 tonnes (or 4.25 tonnes if including any specialist equipment to carry disabled passengers); and
  • They do not tow a trailer.

For more information surrounding who can drive a minibus, please visit the CTA website.

Minibus Driver Training

The School Minibus Company have partnered with 5 Counties Driver Training who offer MiDAS, the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. For full details please visit their website at https://www.5cdtmidas.com or contact them direct on 01908 614819 or 07985 193 539

This is a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers. This course is designed for drivers who already have the D1 licence but require refresher training, or require training for a smaller minibus that does not require a D1.

If you would like more information about who is eligible to drive your school minibus or would like to enquire about minibus driver training for a member of staff, please call our minibus team on 01903 881600.